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More Victorian Solar Homes Program Tweakery

Victorian Solar Homes program Notice to Market

Businesses participating in Victoria’s Solar Homes program will have additional requirements come into force on July 1 this year. Here’s a summary. [Read more…]

Victorian Budget 2024/25: What’s In It For Energy?

Victorian Budget 2024/25 - Energy

Victoria’s Allan Government says the Victorian Budget 2024/25 is firmly focused on helping families. Here’s what’s happening on that front in relation to energy. [Read more…]

Telemarketers Begone! Victorian VEU And Solar Homes Ban

Victoria VEU and Solar Homes program

As of the beginning of May, telemarketing has been banned from the long-running Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) and Solar Homes programs. [Read more…]

Dynamic Solar Exports Are Mandatory In Victoria From Today

Dynamic solar exports Victoria

Today (March 1st) is “D Day” for inverters installed under Solar Victoria’s rebate programs. “D” for dynamic, that is. [Read more…]

Maverick Victorian Microgrid Breaks All the Rules (and Sometimes Itself)

How to make (and break) a microgrid

The future of energy is local, modular, and thrill-seeking – meet the microgrid, the little grid with big dreams of transforming how your appliances are powered and how your community copes with extreme weather. [Read more…]

Victoria Proposes 3.3 Cent Minimum Feed In Tariff

Victorians with solar power will get less for their exports if a draft determination by the Essential Services Commission goes ahead: the commission wants to cut another 33 per cent off the state’s feed-in tariff by July 2024. [Read more…]

EV Owners Triumph: High Court Strikes Victoria’s 2.8c Per Km Tax

Victoria's EV tax ruled unconstitutional

Victoria’s attempt to levy a 2.8c per kilometre tax on EV owners has ended, with the High Court not just striking down the law in Victoria, but ruling it amounted to an “excise” – which Australia’s Constitution forbids states from collecting. [Read more…]

Victoria’s Household Energy Bills Top $4,000 A Year: Vinnies

Household energy bills in Victoria

Victorian households are feeling hip-pocket pain, with some dual fuel (gas and electricity) household energy costs topping an eye-watering $4400 a year. This is a rise of more than $800 compared to last year according to the St Vincent de Paul Society. [Read more…]

$2,800 Victorian Apartment Solar Grants Announced

Solar rebates for Victorian apartments

The Victorian government, with backing from the federal government, is expanding access to solar power for apartment owners and renters. [Read more…]

Victorian Government Backs Home Batteries With 0% Loans

A sonnen battery installed in melbourne

Installation: Solar Dynamics

Victoria has added a subsidised loan to help solar panel owners add batteries to their homes under its $1.3 billion Solar Homes scheme. [Read more…]

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