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New Tasmanian Solar Schools Announced

Solar schools in Tasmania

The first batch of government schools in Tasmania to receive solar power systems under a new program have been named. [Read more…]

Tasmanian Liberals Pledge Cash For Solar Schools

Solar schools - Tasmania

Not to be outdone by Tasmanian Labor, the Tasmanian Liberals have committed to investing in solar power systems for all government schools in the state. [Read more…]

Tasmanian Labor Spruiks Solar And Battery Loans

Solar and battery loans - Tasmania

Solar power is a winner – and Tasmanian Labor is using the passion for PV to try and win over voters when Tasmanians go to the polls on May 1. [Read more…]

Solar Power In Tasmania: How To Triumph Despite Higher Prices & Lower Output

Solar panels - Tasmania

A solar power system in Tasmania. Pic: Scott Logie

If you are lucky enough to live in Tasmania, I have some bad news:

Using solar panels to get low bills is more challenging than on the mainland. 

But I also bring good news: [Read more…]

Another Proposed Solar Farm For Tasmania’s George Town

Bell Bay Solar Farm - Tasmania

Another solar farm proposed for George Town is pretty small by utility-scale standards, but would provide a big boost for Tasmania’s solar energy credentials. [Read more…]

Tasmanian Government Sets New Renewable Energy Target

Renewable energy in Tasmana

Tasmanian Premier and Minister for Climate Change Peter Gutwein has again lifted the bar for his state’s renewable energy future. [Read more…]

How An Oddly Placed Switchboard Spoiled A Tasmanian Solar Install

Solar power and electricity meters in Tasmania

When you get solar power installed you often need a new meter. The rules governing this meter are made by the local network. The electricity retailer organises installation and readings, then a third party company installs the meter. This can cause frustration when there is a metering issue – as Margie in Tasmania found out recently.

In this week’s post, we’re hoping we can help resolve a problem for a customer named Margie, who found herself falling between the cracks after installing new solar panels in Tasmania. [Read more…]

Tasmania Has A New Electricity Retailer

1st Energy - Tasmania

As of the beginning of this week, a new electricity retailer is operating in Tasmania – and it’s looking to grab the attention of solar power system owners. [Read more…]

Tasmania Solar Feed-In Tariff Review Completed

Tasmania solar feed in tariff review

The results of the Tasmanian Government’s review of the state’s solar feed-in tariffs will be of particular interest to those still on the generous 1:1 premium Transitional FiT. [Read more…]

831kW Commercial Solar Project In Tasmania Officially Opened

Commercial solar project in Tasmania

Image: Beon Energy Solutions

One of Tasmania’s largest commercial solar power projects has been completed and is ready to put a major dent in locally-owned freight company SRT Logistics’ power bills. [Read more…]